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Cordless Grass Hedge Trimmer Battery

Cordless Grass Hedge Trimmer Battery

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7.2V Pruning Shears 2in1 Cordless Grass Hedge Trimmer Battery Rechargeable Shear Hedger PGHT7.2 Cordless Garden Tool POSENPRO

Power Source: DC


Motor type: Brushed

Scissor Type: DUAL

Length Of Blade: 23.5cmx7.5cm

Model Number: BGHT7.2

Certification: CE

Battery capacity: Li-ion 1*1500mAh

No-load speed: 1100spm

Voltage: 7.2V, 230V~50Hz

Charge Time: 3-5hours

Blades Include: Shrub shear blade, Grass shear blade

Tooth Spacing: 8mm

Shrub shear blade: 120MM

Grass shear blade: 83MM

Product Type: 2-in-1 grass shear hedger

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Product Type:2-in-1 grass shear hedger

Model No.:BGHT7.2

Rated Voltage:7.2V, 230V~50Hz

Blade Length:23.5cmx7.5cm

Blade Type:Dual

Battery Capacity:Li-ion 1*1500mAh

No-load speed:1100spm

Blades Include:Shrub shear blade, Grass shear blade

Tooth Spacing:8mm

Charge Time:3-5hours

Shrub shear blade:120MM

Grass shear blade:83MM

BEEWEED 7.2V 1.5Ah 2 in 1 Grass Trimmer

The BEEWEED BGHT7.2 2-in-1 grass shear hedger boasts a 7.2-volt long-life lithium-ion battery for hassle-free,cordless operation. Power up instantly with the push of a button and start shearing or shrubbing with cord-free convenience. Rechargeable battery power makes hedger maintenance-free, so you’ll be able to get the job done without having to worry about gas, oil, costly seasonal tune-ups, or toxic hydrocarbon emissions.

① Grass Cutter Blade

② Charger LED-indicator

③ Safety Lock

④ Ergonomic Grip

⑤ Blade Quick Release System, Drive Cover Release Button

⑥ Security Key

⑦ ON/OFF Switch

Security Key- Security key-Extremely safe

When you are not using the machine,please pull out the safety key,so as to ensure the safety of you and your family(especially children)
Make sure the security key is properly plugged into the machine body before ready to use the machine.

Safety lock-Convenient safe

Use your thumb to hold the safety lock on either side of the machine before pressing the ON/OFF switch.
You can release the safety lock after starting machine,just press and hold the switch.
Under the condition of ensuring safety,open it anytime as you need,rest assured comfortable.

3-Lights charger LED- Indicater& Charging Socket

LED lights-Prompt the working status and charging status.
Charging:The LED light will illuminate red-yellow-green when charging.
Low Charge:Same as above,but the color of the light is red.

Extremely Lightweight

The PGHT7.2 is extremely lightweight coming in at 2.2 lbs. making your backyard hedging simple and strain-free.
Long-life,rechargeable,7.2 V lithium-ion battery for hassle-free, cordless operation(battery charger included)



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